Elderly Care

Athina Healthcare cares for elderly people who need help with medical problems and everyday tasks. With assistance from round-the-clock healthcare support, we help the senior citizens in your family stay safe and sound.


Who is This Service For?

checkmark Trained Nurse/Attendant for 24-hour duty
checkmark Daily monitoring of Vitals
checkmark Oral & IV Medication management
checkmark Doctor visit at home
checkmark Blood tests at home
checkmark Medicine supply at home
checkmark Assist for any radiology test
checkmark Hospital Admission Assistance
checkmark Daily supervision by senior Athina manager
checkmark Weekly home visit by senior Athina manager
checkmark Weekly update to family members

Covid - 19 Homecare

At the onset of the second wave of Covid-19, our home care services are here to keep your family worry-free from the struggle of finding a bed for a Covid-19 patient.


Our Covid-19 Homecare services include

checkmark Trained Nurse for 24-hour assistance
checkmark Daily Doctor Video Consultation
checkmark Covid Medical Kits
checkmark Blood tests at home
checkmark Medicine supply
checkmark Doctor consultation at home
checkmark IV Medication
checkmark Oxygen Concentrator

Home Critical Care

The thought behind our Home Critical care is, concentrated caring for a critical patient in the comfort and safety of their homes during these chaotic times.


Who is This Service For?

checkmark Patients who are dependent on medical equipment
checkmark Patients who have undergone the tracheostomy procedure and need nursing care
checkmark Nursing support for monitoring their health status
checkmark Administration of medications
checkmark Cancer patients receiving treatment needing continuous support of ICU nurses

Palliative Care

Palliative Care Plays An Important Role In Alleviating Short-Term Symptoms And Provides Long-Term Support Against Chronic Diseases To Patients. Athina Healthcare Provides Comprehensive Palliative Care At Home.


What All Services Do Our Palliative Care Include?

checkmark Medical evaluations such as monitoring for nausea, vomiting, pain, anxiety, etc.
checkmark Wound care
checkmark Rehabilitation care and physical excercise
checkmark Preparing meals to patient’s tastes
checkmark Frequent talking with the patient and Laughter Therapy
checkmark Provide emotional and spiritual support
checkmark End-of-life care if required

Home Attendant Care

A Home Health Attendant is a trained attendant, who assists elderly or bedbound people in performing their daily activities. Athina Healthcare provides round-the-clock support, helping the patient with personal care, feeding, personal hygiene, etc. We also monitor general health by regularly measuring essential vitals like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and more.


Who is This Service For?

checkmark Personal Care
checkmark Feeding
checkmark Personal Hygiene
checkmark Mobility
checkmark Assisted Living Services
checkmark Vitals Check
checkmark Reminder Services
checkmark Emergency Management


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